Our Communities through the Seasons: Restigouche, Listuguj River

Spring time - As the snow melts, the land begins to reveal itself. In the spring, around water and moist areas you will find fiddleheads starting to grow. There is about two weeks to pick them before they turn into Ferns.

Summer time - As the ice on the water has melted, the salmon, lobster and other fish have arrived. The nets and gear are ready for the fishing season to begin. The Mi'gmaq tradition is to give the first catch to the Elders.

Fall time - As the leaves change color and begin to fall, the food that has been gathered will be stored for the long winter months ahead. It is now time to collect wood to heat our homes and to harvest the wild hazelnuts, a favourite among the Mi'gmaq.

Winter time - As the snow has fallen, rabbits are harvested and shortly after smelt fishing will begin. On colder days, families gather in the warmth of their homes, to make crafts such as baskets and snow shoes. During this time they also tell many stories like the legend of the puglatmu'j.

Listuguj - Tucked neatly between a valley of mountains and the Restigouche River is the community of Listuguj. But the Mi'gmaq of Listuguj didn't always live on the Quebec side of the river. Read more

Gespeg - On the Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec, where whales breech the ocean and seagulls line the coast, lies the Mi'gmaq community of Gespeg. Read more

Gesgapegiag - Tucked in between the communities of Listuguj and Gespeg, where salmon bigger than your head swim in the Cascapedia, lies the Mi'gmaq community of Gesgapegiag. Read more

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