Elders Nicholas and Mary

Elders Nicholas and Mary live in Listuguj. Flowers grow in their front yard.

In their back yard a cedar tree is in full bloom. Robins sit on the cedar branches and the swallows are flying around the outside of their home.
They have a cat that’s multi-coloured, with a  black face and pure white paws. His ears are now standing upright watching the Robin through the window. The Robin is up the cedar tree.
The Elders Nicholas and Mary have a farm. They are raising pigs who love being in the mud.
Nicholas and Mary also like to go shopping. Nicholas would ask Mary, “What do you need”? Mary would reply “We need food and some new blankets.” They would help each other.
Nicholas’ past time would be to go out and sit on top of the firewood pile. Also he has a canoe that he uses to fish. He loves to fish trout. While he is on the lake, he spots a fox, a moose and a deer. In the near bushes hazelnuts grow.
Nicholas will return later on to go into the woods and scout about for a good hunting ground.
Mary would help with the hunt if Nicholas comes home with a catch of fish or other animals for extra food.
When Nicholas comes home, Mary is there with their cat. Also there are visitors who are good friends.
If the time permits after their home visit, Nicholas, Mary and friends would go out and enjoy meeting up with other friends.