Mi'gmaq Stories

Gesgapegiaqewei Sipu Walqwa’lugwei

Gesgapegiaqewei Sipu Walqwa’lugwei
Summary by Joe Wilmot
Edited into Listuguj orthography

Hooked on Ice Fishing

Hooked on Ice Fishing
By Andrew Lavigne

The Migmaq Star

The Mi’gmaq have an eight-pointed star that is significant to them. In 1983, a man in Bedford, Nova Scotia came across a Mi’gmaq petroglyph in a wooded area. A petroglyph is a symbol or design carved into the rock on the ground. This petroglyph was an eight-point star – a symbol that is very important to the Mi’gmaq.

The Blue Lobster

There’s only a one in a two million chance you will ever catch one of these rare crustaceans. But for a group of Lobster fishermen in Gespeg, QC, that one in a two million shot actually came true.

The First Chief of Gespeg

Leon Jeannotte was the first Chief of Gespeg. He did many things to better his community and help his people. This is his story as told by his wife, Beatrice Coffin.

No One Here But Me and You

(As was told by late George Vicaire to late Manny Metallic)

How a Tree Turned Red

There was a man named Noah. Noah didn’t have a pot to cook the geese he caught. He had no choice but to invent a pot.


One of the first blooms to appear in the spring after a long winter is the fiddlehead. Fiddleheads grow in clusters in April and May. The harvesting of fiddleheads is a very short season.

Elders Nicholas and Mary

Elders Nicholas and Mary live in Listuguj. Flowers grow in their front yard.

Berry Picking

Berries are one of the many foods gathered in preparation for the winter months ahead.

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