Gespe'gewa'gi Claim Territory


Gespe’gewa’gi Claim Territory
From the metropolitan streets of Quebec City to the roaring coast of the Gaspé Peninsula, this land is Mi’gmaq Territory. The  Mi’gmaq who live in this territory call it Gespe’gewa’gi.
Gespe’gewa’gi is one of seven districts of the Mi’gmaq Nation.
Let’s take a look at the history;
The Mi’gmaq creation story tells us of the first man to walk the earth: Kluskap.  Kluskap was made by Kisulk, the Creator, from a bolt of lightening. When Kluskap left his mother and nephew to go up North with his grandmother, he asked the Great Council Fire to send seven sparks out of the fire. When the sparks hit the ground, they turned into seven men. Another group of seven sparks flew out of the fire, and they turned into seven women.
The seven couples went off to form seven families. The seven families spread out across Mi’gma’gi and formed the seven districts.
Gespe’gewa’gi is one of the seven districts that make up the Mi’gmaq homeland: Mi’gma’gi. The other six districts are: Unama’gi, Esge’gewa’gi, Sugapune’gati, Epegwitg aq Pigtu, Gespugwitg and Signigtewa’gi.