How a Tree Turned Red

There was a man named Noah. Noah didn’t have a pot to cook the geese he caught. He had no choice but to invent a pot.

So he took gravel and wrapped the geese in it. He put the wrapped geese under ground with heavy rocks supporting it. He built a bon-fire inside the rocks. He took a nap while he was cooking. The fire burned easily along the shore. It helped his aching back. His back was to the fire.
While he slept, a canoe crept into the shore and in the canoe was a green tree.  The green tree smelled the cooked geese and it helped itself to all of it except the feet.
The tree was well fed and satisfied. After he put more wood into the fire, very gently and quietly he got on his canoe and sneakily drifted away. Finally Noah woke up refreshed and hungry. He went to check his cooking. He was baffled that he slept so long, the geese was gone except the feet. He thought it cooked until only the feet were left, “Gee,” Noah says, “I cooked the geese into nothing”.  Then he saw that the rocks were red in color. Indeed there was too much fire. Now he had to hunt again. He was very hungry. This time he went fishing. He speared a salmon down the stream. He still had no pot to cook the salmon in. So again he did the same ritual that he did for the geese.
Again Noah was tired and decided to nap. His back ached like it did before. The tree watched him again. He waited until Noah’s back was turned to the fire and he was sound asleep. The green tree had another great feast, and happily snuck away in its canoe.
Noah woke up to the smell of a well cooked salmon. And again it was gone! He was angry with himself for being so careless.
Noah decided to practice what his father taught him. The next catch he gets, he’s going to dry and smoke it. He decides this process won’t take much fire. So he won’t be able to burn it.
Noah lived in the woods near a lake. Water was an easy asset. He lived there for two months. At the end of the two months the green tree was beginning to tire of watching Noah because Noah was not sleeping with his back to the fire. He covered himself in cedar boughs.