The drum has been in use since time immemorial. It is said by our Elders that the drum was located in the center of the community.

Before the Mi’gmaq set up their wigwams, they would first search for a cedar tree. The heart of the cedar block would be chipped until only about four inches of rim remained. They would take the core slabs and build a fire, then place four stones in the fire heating them up. The stones would then be placed in the center of the hollowed cedar block until the stones cooled off. This procedure dried the block and prevented it from cracking. Raw animal hide would then be placed on top to dry for several days until it was ready to use.

The drum would then be awakened by a group of Elders feasting and chanting, and prior to use, a cleansing ceremony was performed. All drums would be cleansed with sweet grass. Tobacco was offered as a sign of respect to the spirits and to Mother Earth, for allowing us to her resources. The sound of the drum would echo to long distances, guiding the Mi’gmaq to their seasonal area.

We continued to use the drum primarily in ceremonies, as well to call its people to gatherings, celebrations, and as a warning of invading forces. Also, the beat of the drum is considered the heartbeat of our mother (Earth), which helps send messages to the Creator, and is respected as such.

The Mi’gmaq would break into groups and move to different areas of the land. However, the drum was always present. This meant that they had to have a drum that could be transported from community to community. With this in mind, another type of drum was made, the hand drum. It is more personal and is usually played alone as an individual or along with other hand drums.

When an animal was killed, nothing was wasted. Deer hide was popular for the use on a hand drum. Most hand drums are sixteen inches across providing a medium pitch sound. Some say that when the drum is in use, the sound carries to the heart.

The voice of the drum comes in a form of a prayer; therefore some will use the drum as a channel to the spirit world.