The Blue Lobster

There’s only a one in a two million chance you will ever catch one of these rare crustaceans. But for a group of Lobster fishermen in Gespeg, QC, that one in a two million shot actually came true.

The fishermen were surprised when they pulled their trap out of the water. Staring back at them were two beady little eyes with two bright blue claws. It was a blue lobster. Yes, you read that correctly. A blue lobster!
Blue lobsters are extremely rare. Their bright blue hue comes from a genetic defect that happens when the lobster’s body creates too much protein. When the high protein levels mix with the lobster’s current pigments it creates a ‘blue complex’ called crustacyanin. This is what makes the lobster’s turn a shocking shade of blue.
As rare and as beautiful their blue shells are, they are also incredibly dangerous for the lobster. Their bright colour makes them much more attractive to ocean predators.  Not to mention they’re rich in protein!
Only one blue lobster has been recorded in the history of Gespeg. And that day marked a special occasion for the fishermen who caught it.
The fishermen who caught it believe the blue lobster was a good omen; that a blue lobster signifies a safe and plentiful fishing season. And with the odds being one in two million, you could almost say they won the lobster lottery.