Bagful of Wind

In the old days, the wind used to be extremely strong and created havoc. Strong winds blew through where the Natives lived. Many people died and their belongings were destroyed.

At the time, a native man and his three sons lived a distance away from the other families, in a fenced yard.

The youngest of the sons was always the most curious, gentle and kind hearted.
One day he told his father and brothers that he was going to set a trap for the wind.
The father and brothers roared with laughter and asked him “How are you going to trap the wind?”
But, the young boy found a burlap bag and went about to set his trap.
Many days and nights passed and there was nothing in the bag. Then low and behold one morning, after extreme effort and hard times, he overpowered the wind and put it in the bag and tightly secured the bag.
He was happy. He took the bag of wind to show to his family and friends.
Again he was laughed at. No one believed him.
To make them believe him, he opened the bag just a little. Sure enough the wind began to blow and almost lifted a small house up off the ground.
The people became frightened and cried.
“Please tell the wind to calm down and not hurt us.”
So, the boy closed his bag and told the wind. “I beg you wind, to be gentle and not hurt anyone.” I will let you go, but please don’t show your strength among my people and hurt them again".
So the wind has been gentle among the Natives to this day, and the boy was very greatful.